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"How To Teach With Your Hands Behind Your Back ” is a valuable resource reference book for educational practitioners and situational managers who are transformational in creating an ethos of student-specific achievement outcomes and teaching efficacy. An authentic response to the evolving fluidity and dynamics of the teaching-learning processes in this era of cross-boundaries, system-wide, and result-oriented applications. This educator’s handbook challenges the existing paradigm that frustrates teachers’ satisfaction and offers proven and tested classroom laboratory customized and individual-specific solutions. Inclusive are anecdotal and experiential inputs by the celebrated distinguished educator, author, coach, and senior international educational advisor and consultant: Dr. Arlene Greenfield-Bowen.” by Prof. Carl C.

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If you are struggling to keep your staff happy, fulfilled, or provide the resources they need to succeed, allow Dr. Arlene Greenfield to help. A dynamic teacher with administrative experience, has navigated both sides of the education system. She's a liaison between teachers, administration, and the district who provides valuable resources to help teachers meet there satisfactory goals and personal or professional growth goals. Click to learn more and book a talk with United Nations Representative Dr. Arlene Greenfield.

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Take the latest course offered by Dr. Arlene that gives teachers 21 hacks for how to better manage their classroom. If you are struggling and now that your teachers could use additional help, order the course that can increase teacher satisfaction. New Course starting in February, reserve your school's spot now!


Dr. Arlene Leads the Way

Being a innovative leader did not happen overnight. Dr. Arlene put in the effort, time, and patience to learn techniques that have changed every school she has worked with. If you are ready to elevate your staff, heightening expectation, take a second look at the book and course offered by Dr. Arlene Green Field.

About the Book

This is not merely a book for teachers, but individuals who are having to perform with high stakes centered around them. If you are in a high stress, pressure, or demanding job, you will need to pump some energy and ideas into your career or business. Dr. Arlene is no stranger to associations, clubs, district demands, and how to navigate challenging systems. If you find yourself unfulfilled on your job and one mistake or problem away from quitting a career path, read this book! Don't throw away your hard work because you are frustrated or overwhelmed, but get tools you need to love your job or have the determination to elevate beyond your current role.

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If you are a teacher looking for resources to help you command your class, or a individual looking for ways to better manage your job, get in on this course! This course gives 21 steps to win on the job no matter the challenges that threatened to hold you back. Having innovative concepts and techniques that are proven to work, is the only thing stopping you from elevating on your current job or elsewhere. Take the course to get the skills and enjoy your career.

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